Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

#We Love What We Do -

We love discovering different places. We travel frequently because we consider it to be a need in our lives. We want our products to inspire individuals so that they can remember the best moments of their lives. We deeply respect what we do and the actual output.

#Our Working Process-

Our team consists of 3 people. To be the best, we put in our maximum efforts. We often work alone, but three decisions are made to complete the work.

We, In2 Travel, are Bangladesh's first brand for selling travel t-shirts with distinctive designs. We are hoping to illustrate the natural beauty of Bangladesh through some of these designs. Initially, it was so challenging for us to stand out because of the other brands on the market. But since we are really sensitive about quality and trying to make people aware of the different facts that are injuries, we have accomplished a lot through this great journey of ours. We believe that travelers must be given value in Bangladesh. Our products inspire travelers to believe in themselves. We are trying to ensure travelers' safety and quality with our products, and this is our main objective. 

Why In2 Travel?

  • We are trying to give our best so that you can be the best. Our quality can provide you with the satisfaction that you want. We care very much about your health, so we are trying to be OEKO-tex certified and AZO-free certified. These are the facts you should know that is dangerous for your health. 

  • In2 Travel fabrics are tested for harmful substances and produced sustainably in accordance with OEKO-tex guidelines.